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Now make Mutual Funds transactions Online

The world is changing and so are we. It’s amazing to know that from the good old days of transferring messages from pigeon then telegram then email and now we have come to facetime and skype level. It’s a commendable shift from I-age to i-age i.e. Ice age to Internet Age. These days because of internet and smartphones buying things online has become a hot trend. People prefer buying online on the ease of on click. And not? When you are guaranteed the quality and you know you are buying a brand. We have also moved on to the online banking transactions, gone are the days of going to banks and doing the transactions, now everything has moved online right from making a fund transfer to issuing a demand draft and so on.

Similar is the story with investing too. And how is that?

As you would be aware that while making investments in mutual funds, you have to go through a process of filling up the forms, then sign, and issue a cheque favouring the scheme(s). Now you have an option of investing online too.

Many questions arise, is it safe? I would say yes, it’s as safe as your transactions made offline i.e. by submitting the forms. So what is this online platform? It is an NSE platform. The online transactions will be executed through NSE (National Stock Exchange) platform.

The features of NSE platform are:

Browser based, User friendly Transaction Platform: the interface of the platform is as simple as any portal like flipkart, myntra and so on.

Single payment for multiple investments across AMCs: This is in fact a big advantage over the offline transactions as you are saved from the hassles of issuing too many cheques for too many schemes, with the help of single cheque, you may process the purchase transactions in multiple schemes with multiple Mutual Funds companies.

Paperless transactions: Because it is online, it involves either no paper or comparatively less paper work.

Multiple modes of payment: Net banking, cheque, RTGS/NEFT

Confirmation vide SMS/email: while doing online transactions, the confirmation code will be sent on your Mobile number/email id provided and only after your confirmation the transaction will be executed. This acts as an ultimate security while doing any buying/selling/switch transactions.

SIP through ACH debit mandate: By submitting this form you may start SIP at any point of time without filling up a SIP request form.

We just saw the features, now how is it more convenient for you as investors and at the same time it also maintain transparency while transacting, the points are:

· One time investor registration – Investor Identification Number (IIN)

· Single cheque across multiple investments

· Single view of entire holdings in the industry

· Facility to view / transact online in MF units held in non-demat mode

· Conveniently trade – online / phone / paper order

· Order status confirmations via SMS / emails on T day

· Redemption proceeds received directly in client’s registered bank account

It’s time to change from the routine paper work and get onto this online platform where is the crucial details are also kept confidential. Let’s be the change and ask our Naikwealth advisors to get us enrolled to this platform which offers ease of transactions.




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